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Landscap please!

When i saw the App, I say that it a good idea, so far the App it ok, and im agreed with those guys it needs some work and first thing i would like to see is Landscaping view, of cause with all the function and it seem like it does not work, I have tried to save the document and when Im retrieved nothing com up, some wrong.

Doesnt work

I purchased this app, followed the directions, and had no luck retrieving the documents I downloaded. What a waste of money!

Very useful

Found this app today and immediately bought it. So far it works great and pretty easy to get started. I plan to use it for my every day commute, will download web pages/documents before the train go underground and read them for the rest of the day. Its great to keep a list of frequently used contents too. Suggestions to the developer: Add feature to refresh downloaded pages automatically. Recommended! Update: Version 2.0 is fantastic. Full screen landscape view is awesome. All the bugs seem to be fixed.

waste of money!

this app is a waste of money!i cant even save the documents from my computer!!!!!!!


I can download some text but cant download pictures. The squares where the pictures are supposed to be have a question mark in the center. When the square is touched a sign comes up and says it is a non-existing file.

Version 1.1 ... Try again ...

NOT SEEING ANY PROGRESS ON THESE ISSUES I FOUND IN V 1.1... The app needs these features to be more usable: 1) Most importantly, when a viewed HTML page is saved, default the file name to the TITLE tag instead of blank or provide a setting to use blank or title. If there is no TITLE tag, default would be filename from the server. And if file exists locally on save ask user if they wish to overwrite, change name, or auto-unique by adding a number. 2) Also, the folder where the files are placed is in an arcane location that was not easily found to transfer the files out to a computer. It should be in Media/My Documents or something obvious. 3) Provide access to the Safari bookmarks in the built-in browser. I hope the Open in New Tab bookmarklet would then work. 4) Provide a bookmarklet similar to SaveMyDocs to initiate a save directly from Safari. 5) Provide a way to delete cookies and cache for its browser or if these are shared with Safari, note that in the app description or help info. 6) I notice the built in browser uses the Safari user agent and the save process uses its own user agent. This means the saved page may be different then the viewed page. Also I use User Agent Faker with SBSettings from BigBoss, to control whether I get full or mobile versions of pages. Document Saver should obtain the user agent the same way Safari does so that it can support User Agent Faker. 7) Provide a button in the built-in browser and/or a Safari bookmarklet that causes any links or pictures touched in the currently viewed page to be saved without first opening them and regardless of whether the file type can be viewed on an iPhone. Default file name would be the name of the file downloaded as it appears on the host server.


@PandaPat, I had the same problem. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS.

Apples bad u r as big fascists as the rest 4 this nonfunction

Wont accept URLs

Cant get to pages by URL, it tries to google them, so pages not in google are inaccessible (such as those on a private local network).


Great app. Very useful still has a few minor bugs (my doc didnt save the first time) but otherwise its great just make sure ur able to get to the website u want from google. I dont know y some people rated it so poorly

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